Pawel Kowalewski, Sayuri Shirai
A quarter of a century of the BoJ’s efforts to overcome liquidity trap
Ilona Skibińska-Fabrowska, Małgorzata Czuchryta, Adrian Żak
The relationship between payment inclusion and the demand for cash
Katarzyna Schmidt-Jessa, Maciej Stradomski
Consumer awareness and acceptance of digital-only banks
Anna Matuszyk
Comparison of different approaches using Random Forest for imbalanced credit data
MISCELLANEA: Krzysztof Olszewski, Jacek Łaszek, Joanna Waszczuk
An unequal reaction of housing starts to house prices in different regions of Poland
RECENZJE: Marek Garbicz
David Card, Alan B. Krueger, Mit i pomiar. Nowa ekonomia płacy minimalnej

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